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Date: Sunday, January 15th - Sunday, February 26th

Time: 9:30 am - 10:30 am, 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Ages: Mini Aces (4-6 yrs), Jr. Aces (7-10yrs), Aces (11-17yrs) & Adults (18+ yrs)

Duration: Weekly Lessons, One Hour Sessions

Fees: Juniors $255 + HST // Adults $300 + HST

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Adult lessons are offered to beginner and intermediate players. The program emphasizes skill development, strategy, and game-based play. The 1-hour/week program will leave you feeling fit and energized while teaching the fundamentals of tennis in a fun environment. This is the perfect class for those wanting to learn the fundamentals of tennis, or someone who hasn’t played in a while and wants to get back into the game.


The 1- hour/week program teaches a balance of skill development and tennis games, which increase the skill set of each student. This is done in a fun and supportive environment and accommodates all levels of play.


Our Winter Tennis Lessons offer tennis training at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Children are grouped by age and ability based on the Progressive Tennis Model.

Mini Aces:

Our Mini Aces (Red Ball) use half-court mini nets and low density tennis balls to practice hand eye coordination, court awareness, stroke breakdown, and contact. Their lessons follow the following weekly progression.

Level 1 - Volleys, Forehand, Backhand, Self - Feed, Cooperative Play, and Review

Level 2 - Forehand, Backhand, Volley, Self - Feed , Rally Skills , Cooperative Play , and Review

Junior Aces:

Our Junior Aces (Orange Ball) use 3/4 court and medium density balls to review stroke breakdowns, hand eye coordinator, footwork, contact, and introduction to match play. The weekly lesson progression is as follows -

Level 1 - Forehand review, Backhand Review, Volley and Overhead, Serves, Rallying, Review

Level 2 - Forehand Technique, Backhand Technique, Approaching the net, Serves, Rallying, Review


Our Aces level players (Green Ball) use full court and green high density balls to practice skill development and match play. Their lessons follow the following progression -

Level 1 - Stroke review, Advanced stroke and grip techniques (if applicable), Game Tac-Tics (if applicable), Serves, and Match Play

Level 2 - Stroke Review, Advanced Stroke and Grip Techniques, Game Tactics, Serves, and Match Play


Our Adult lessons (Green Balls) offer beginner and intermediate level classes. Our Tennis Pros focus on the development of each individual player, teaching stroke introduction and review, advances stroke technique, and match play.

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